Contract Analytics

Contract Analytics


Contracts are the engine of any business. Inefficient contract management is the root of 70-75% of failing projects that may cost you up to 9% of annual revenue. Such significant leakage will slow down (not to say stop) your business growth if you don’t design your contracts well. 


With advanced contract analytics, your company will increase its business performance by mitigating risks, providing visibility of obligations and agreement metrics, and highlighting hotspots for potential evolvement. Your team will get an opportunity to oversee hundreds of contracts without losing quality or increasing the costs. Quick and easy access to all your data will enable you to respond quickly to any kind of request or adapt to an organizational change.

why Redfield

Why Redfield

Redfield experts have rich experience in advanced contract analytics and developing custom solutions that will fit your specific business goals. Our AI techniques provide text analysis that processes, labels, and structures data from hundreds of different sources. No more time-consuming work: with improved visibility of each document and deep analysis of all contract elements (including missing ones) you will optimize processes and focus on business growth.


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