Recommendation engines

Recommendation engines


Fighting for customers’ attention has become one of the biggest business struggles for many digital companies. Keeping the customers coming back and engaging with your brand or platform, wanting more of your content or product is proven to be beneficial in many ways. In fact, this research that studied millions of eCommerce sessions, found that the returning visitors convert 73.72% more than the first time.

On another hand, the users are seeking for a personalized and fast experience on the platforms they are interacting with. If your platform is not developed to give it to them they are ready to leave and never come back 


When customers interact with your website, platform or app that leaves you and your company with a lot of data on your hands. Putting that data into a usage in your customer experience journey will give you a great advantage to keep your potential customers more engaged. An in-depth study by Barilliance customers who implemented recommendation solutions has shown that companies saw 12% lift in revenue from customers after they implemented  product recommendation solution. What is more, the same study has proven that personalized recommendations were 2.2x as effective as generic “best selling” recommendations.

why Redfield

Why Redfield

By choosing Redfield you will trust a proven company in the field of building recommendation engines. Our data scientist will help you from the very beginning of your project until you have a working solution. We will start with building your infrastructure and the gathering of the raw data. We can assist with the type of recommendations engine you need for your specific business case. Building the right model in order to do the filtering of the user’s data is a critical element of the process. At the end you will be presented with a solution that keeps the users more engaged based on their personal interactions with your platform, app or tool.


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