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With such a big amount of textual data being produced every minute, it might be challenging for a company to handle it relying on human resources only. Contracts, agreements, support tickets, surveys, sales inquiries – any growing company will drown in big volumes of unstructured data. Leaving unstructured data lying in the dark and storing it for the future means your business will be unable to access needed information when required. Not having a clear data strategy will cause business processes to slow down and potentially bad decision making.


Applying machine learning techniques will allow your team to save hundreds of manual work. You can quickly sort the data you need, identify and remove duplicate documents, get the relevant information in a timely manner, and focus on current business goals and innovation.

Whether you’re facing compliance, customer service, or other challenges, automated classification is a time-tested tool that will help you reduce costs and increase the efficiency of business processes.

why Redfield

Why Redfield

Our experts know how to convert any sort of information into intelligent data. We will help you easily convert and cluster documents, work out a custom classification that will meet your specific needs, mitigate risks related to insecure data, and deliver actionable insights revealing your business points of growth .


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