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The need for anonymization is growing with the speed of data collection and storage of data nowadays. According to statistics, 79% of consumers would prefer to deal with more personalized offers from the brand, which means that every company not only deals with sensitive data but also faces the risk of poorly performed anonymization that does not fall under the GDPR which may lead to potential information leakage. 


Anonymization implemented at a proper level means that the personal data of your customers not only is stored safely and can be used for your internal goals but also may be exported to third parties, processed without consent, or used for other business purposes that were not originally intended. Meanwhile, your company prevents situations when its reputation is at stake and complies with all norms. 

why Redfield

Why Redfield

Data anonymization is crucial for companies who aim to get more value from their data and improve stakeholders’ trust. Redfield provides anonymizing of sensitive and personal data regardless of your industry, organizational capacity to anonymize data on your own, or market regulations and jurisdictions. Our customized solutions will help protect your information in a practical and scalable way, and let your company follow the most effective scenario for data access and usage.


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