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The Internet generates tons of unstructured data every moment of every second. The overwhelming volume of data, generated at immense speed is a real challenge for companies. Challenges come in the form of how to collect and store the data, how to structure and organize it, how to use it properly to gather useful insights and make predictions. Nowadays, 54 industries require web scraping specialists with the top 5 sectors being software, information technology and services, the financial sector, retail, and the marketing and advertising industry. 


Handling large amounts of data with the automation of data scraping allows companies to process data a lot faster compared to manual work. The results of automating the process of data scraping bring consistent results and reduce the overall workloads. As a result of using data scraping services your company can improve sales and make potential customers by analyzing users’ interests and tracking consumer behavior. Scraping customer details and making analysis on important metrics like demographics, age, interest can help marketing and advertising efforts of any given company.

why Redfield

Why Redfield

Our data engineers will help you from the very beginning of your project until you have a working solution. We are experienced in building any type of scraping tools to improve your data collection, structure it and optimize it for everyday usage across your team. At the end you will be presented with a data scraping solution that collects the data fast and consistent.


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