Knowledge Graph Use Cases

Knowledge graph use cases


Complex problems with unstructured data coming from multiple sources demand a connected and flexible foundation of data analytics. The use of knowledge graphs is a point of inquiry for more than 50% of companies who are looking for artificial intelligence solutions. Getting behind on using this technology means your company might lose the opportunity to use machine-understandable knowledge and get  insights for better decisions.


Knowledge graphs become more and more important for businesses that want to scale, as they help to connect machine learning models with graph technologies . This gives additional value and helps understand data correctly. Knowledge graphs are widely used in fraud, waste, or abuse detection, semantic search, personalized recommendations of products, and many other fields. With the use of knowledge graphs, your business will get higher-quality analytics to better leverage data.

why Redfield

Why Redfield

Having a wide range of experience in building and applying knowledge graphs for various industries, our experts will help you transform unstructured data into knowledge. We will deliver meaningful insights through visualizing flows of information, revealing communities, summarising relationships, and help you make more informed decisions


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